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Introduction to Self-Hosted deployment


This documentation only applies to the Self-Hosted version of QuickCase.

With QuickCase Self-Hosted, we provide you with a packaged version of the solution and you are responsible for deploying it to your own infrastructure.

In order to facilitate this process, this documentation describes in details how to deploy QuickCase to the platform of your choice.

Supported platforms

QuickCase can be deployed to the following supported platforms:

How to consume this documentation


The next pages will cover subjects that are common to all supported platforms such as dependencies, please read them carefully to ensure your deployment is successful.

You will then be prompted to select the target platform of your choice. From that point forward, the documentation will be specific to the targeted platform and documentation for other platforms can safely be ignored.


This documentation is aimed at technical IT professionals and more specifically at IT Ops and DevOps engineers.

Advanced knowledge and hands-on experience of the targeted platform is required. A good understanding of PostgreSQL and OpenID Connect is also needed.

Finally, to facilitate consumption of infrastructures and deployments provided as example, basic knowledge of Terraform is advised.