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Case management reinvented

Originally built to address the needs of large government bodies, our cloud-based case management solution is now available to all organisations.

What is case management?

As defined by the Gartner Glossary:

Case management solutions are applications designed to support a complex process that requires a combination of human tasks and electronic workflow, such as an incoming application, a submitted claim, a complaint, or a claim that is moving to litigation. These solutions support the workflow, management collaboration, storage of images and content, decisioning, and processing of electronic files or cases.

In businesses, complex processes can take one of the following forms: paper folders, large spreadsheets or shared intranet files. In these situations, workflow is implicit and is the responsibility of every single actor involved in the process. As a consequence, mistakes are common and auditing of the processes is usually lacking, particularly with inflexible legacy systems.

If this sounds familiar, then read more about our case management solution below to discover how your organisation would benefit.

Fast to market

QuickCase comes with a dynamically generated user interface which models complex workflows entirely driven by configuration. This flexibility is designed to support fast-paced, iterative delivery so that you can go live in weeks, not months.


Accredited multiple times for government use in the cloud, security is at the heart of QuickCase. Strong security policies are enforced at the API level and offer multiple degrees of access control, from role-based permissions to individual authorisations. Entirely defined through configuration, security models can quickly be iterated and evolve with your requirements.


Powered by a rich configuration engine, QuickCase can embrace any industry and support business-specific workflows. This diversity is also reflected in our team which has accumulated experience across a wide range of domains in order to accompany you in your journey as best as possible.

Foster growth

QuickCase was built as a scalable, cloud-based solution to support large digital transformation programmes. Leveraging cloud capabilities, it can store large volumes of cases over extended periods of time. The solution is also natively multi-tenant allowing it to be adopted by all departments of an organisation while preserving a strong separation of users and data.

As the needs of your organisation evolve, QuickCase will grow with you, future-proofing your digital portfolio. Examples of how other organisations have achieved this are available in our case studies.


The QuickCase case management solution is available in 2 flavours so that you can select the one which best fits your requirements.

Self hosted

Available now

Ideal for organisations wanting to manage their own Cloud infrastructure.

Compatible with all major Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).


Coming 2022

Perfect for small and medium businesses with budding requirements.

No IT skills required, the Cloud infrastructure and solution is managed by us.

Case studies

A Metropolitan Police officer on horseback, seen from behind in front of the Palace of Westminster

Police recruitment and promotion

Applicant tracking systemLegacy replacementAssessment

Fast-paced replacement of a legacy Applicant Tracking System (ATS) driving recruitment and promotion of Police officers at a national scale.

A bronze statue of Lady Justice, blindfolded and carrying a scale

Multi-tenant justice platform

Digital transformationLegalMultitenancy

£1 billion digital transformation programme to modernise Civil and Family courts and tribunals services.

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