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About us

  • QuickCase's story began in late 2016 when a multi-tenant legal case management solution was commissioned by HMCTS to support the needs of its then burgeoning Reform Programme.
  • QuickCase founders led the design, implementation and delivery from the inception of the project all the way to the first national rollouts, managing cases for services on GOV.UK, such as Probate, Divorce, Civil Money Claims and Social Security & Child Support initially.
  • In September 2018, QuickCase was created as a fork of HMCTS's open source case management and established as a private limited company. We improved and genericised the solution so that it could be used outside of HMCTS while retaining all the qualities that made it a success.
  • QuickCase was immediately adopted by clients, subsequently delivering projects with high-profile national rollouts.
  • Since then, QuickCase has continued to evolve, furthering key areas such as ease of deployment, user experience and accessibility.

Our culture

Above & beyond

Your success is our primary target. Through the numerous projects we have contributed to, our commitment to getting the job done has always been a differentiating factor.

While delivering for today's needs our team will also ensure future business goals are taken into account ensuring QuickCase becomes a key new asset in your digital estate.


We believe in the power of iterative delivery without artifice: focus on what matters most and release early to encourage feedback. This philosophy is found both in the way we work internally and in the way our solution works, enabling fast-paced changes via QuickCase's powerful configuration engine.

We prefer running short Discovery phases before Implementation. We like to fully understand the problem space before writing code. We provide technical designs you can understand and plans we can all deliver against.


Our teams are composed of individuals with a variety of backgrounds, having accumulated a wide breadth of experience working across many industries, from start-ups to global consultancies, and from retail to financial institutions and Government bodies. Like our case management solution, this gives our teams the flexibility to quickly adapt to any business domain to offer you the support you deserve.

Considering Government only, our collaborators have worked across the Home Office, Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice, HMRC, Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Team players

We know that often case management is only one part of the picture and many projects have requirements which go beyond it. Acknowledging that, we work with clients in a genuinely collaborative way, with your team and existing suppliers in order to deliver the solution that best fits your needs.

To that end, we also have established partnerships with leading IT service providers in the UK, ready to help you achieve the most ambitious projects.

Leadership team

Jon Sharpe
Managing Director

A strong advocate of the culture of teams as a powerful force for good, both on the sports field and in the workplace. Jon has lived and worked all over the world, enjoying the cultures (and food!) in a number of exciting countries.

Over more than 15 years as an IT consultant, Jon continues to excel at recruiting and mobilising teams towards a common goal, delivering successfully in both private and public sectors. His most significant deliveries include Sky Q, HMCTS' £1 billion Reform programme and meeting the commitment of Her Majesty's Government for police officer recruitment at the College of Policing. Other industry experience includes retail, pharmaceutical, banking, Government, telecoms, broadcasting and consumer technology.

Jon manages the full project life cycle, from bid stage through to completion, managing multi-disciplinary teams globally. Excellent relationship and people management have been central to recruiting and mobilising teams for success.

As QuickCase's managing director, Jon leads business and partnership development and oversees client management.

Stuart Plummer
Strategy & Architecture Director

The youngest of 4 boys, Stuart learnt, as a must, how to get on with people from an early age. Born entrepreneur, he developed and sold his first IT system at the age of 14 and 35+ years later, the drive to create resilient, customer-aligned IT systems is stronger than ever.

As a global consultant, Stuart has developed a strong sense of understanding business change and the power that alignment to IT development can bring. He lead solution architecture and implementation on many large and complex projects across many industries including banking, insurance, government, travel and mining where he earned numerous achievement awards for successful project outcomes.

QuickCase was Stuart's vision from inception, combining his years of experience into a solution that plugged the gaps of existing products in the market. Today, Stuart still drives the vision and product development as well as overseeing and delivering customer implementations.

Valentin Laurin
Technical Director

Lifelong puzzles and engineering enthusiast, Valentin found his calling in building software and IT infrastructures.

In his 10+ years working in the IT industry, Valentin has accumulated incredibly rich and various experiences across companies of all sizes including a multinational retailer, a national railway company, a Government department and multiple tech start-ups.

As QuickCase's technical director, Valentin is leading the development of our case management product as well as overseeing our teams in charge of bespoke client integrations.