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Integrating with QuickCase

QuickCase offers 2 complementary approaches when it comes to integration: Rest APIs and webhooks.

On one hand the Rest APIs allow external logic to push and pull data from QuickCase, be it case or definition data. On the other hand, webhooks allow QuickCase to push case data to external components as the consequence of a case being created or progressed.

Technology choice

The only constraints set by QuickCase for integrations is the use of JSON as the data interchange format and the use of OpenID / OAuth2 for authentication and authorisation of requests.

Beyond that, languages and technologies used for integrations are left at the integrators' discretion.

For reference, QuickCase itself is built with both Java and Javascript micro-services.

How to consume this documentation


This documentation is formed of 3 distinct parts which are in order:

  1. Content that is relevant for both Rest APIs and Webhooks integrations
  2. Documentation of Rest APIs
  3. Documentation of Webhooks


This documentation is aimed at technical IT professionals and more specifically at software developers.

Prior knowledge of and hands-on experience with REST APIs is required. A good understanding of OpenID Connect and OAuth2 is also needed.