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Production checklist

The following provides a checklist before you go into production. The aim is to provide a heads-up for concerns with recommended solutions before you deploy QuickCase into a live, production environment.

  • IAM Roles are in use via Kubernetes Service account annotations with minimal rights for each storage service; databases and blob store.
  • Network Policy provider is installed and policies are enabled.
  • DNS configuration is automatic via ExternalDNS (or similar)
  • Kubernetes has been secured ideally with limited rights with those who access the cluster
  • Deployment is correctly sized. Ideally using Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) so that the deployments can scale up and down as needed. Additionally, preferably in a way that the cluster can also scale up and down automatically depending on demand. If you aren't doing autoscaling then manual scaling of the apps to meet demand and allow for redundancy.
  • Storage is secure. Blob store and database should be encrypted at rest and in transit.