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Self-hosted case management

The perfect solution to stay in control of your data.

Our self-hosted package can be deployed in a few easy steps to an existing Cloud or On-Premises infrastructure running a compatible technology stack so that you can get started quickly and focus on your uniqueness.


Fast to market, tailored to your needs

Configurable and extensible, QuickCase's case management solution allows you to hit the ground running and model your most advanced workflows at pace.

Our solution is designed to enable fast-to-market, iterative delivery: with configuration only, no code required, workflows and user screens can be configured and made available to end-users. Additional logic and 3rd-party integrations can be plugged-in in subsequent iterations to achieve even the most complex and unique workflows and ensure your business needs are exactly met.

QuickCase Self-Hosted is provided as a package for ease of installation and comes with extensive documentation and readily-available example deployments so you can deploy your first instance quickly.

Want to know more? Check out the features offered by our case management solution.

Stay in control

QuickCase's self-hosted case management is the best way to stay in control of your data and security without any compromises.

Our solution can be easily deployed and maintained by your trusted engineering team to the Cloud Provider and location of your choice.

Your data is exclusively stored and processed by infrastructure that you own so that you are always fully in control of its security, from encryption ciphers used at rest and in transit to database permissions, firewalls, etc. This allows the case management solution to naturally comply with established security governance frameworks and evolve with them.

Authentication and access control of users within the self-hosted case management solution can leverage your existing identity provider, ensuring that credentials and permissions are always centralised and consistently managed. This proven approach natively delivers Single Sign-On capability while complying to existing security policies such as password complexity and multi-factor authentication.

Grows with you

QuickCase's self-hosted case management is a multi-purpose tool in your digital estate.

Built with multi-tenancy in mind, our solution will become a cornerstone of your business' digital strategy. Every team and department working with structured data and workflows can be given a dedicated workspace, from HR to CRM, asset management, order fulfilment, etc; all the while ensuring strong consistency and security of the data held.

Leveraging established technologies from your digital estate such as your Cloud platform, Identity and Access Management provider or Document Storage solution, our self-hosted case management solution aims to fit seamlessly into your digital landscape and make your IT a value center.

Our solution was built using proven standards for interoperability and integration: it is entirely driven by Rest APIs and uses OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for authentication and authorisation. This makes it easy to extend and integrate with; future-proofing it for the growth of your business and the evolution of your needs.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more, or think our solution is what you are looking for, get in touch with us!

Key facts


Quick to get started and easy to iterate while keeping maintenance cost low.

Built-in security

Multi-level access control with role-based ACLs, data classification and individual/group permissions.


A single deployment can serve the needs of multiple, segregated teams and departments within a company.

Packaged for Docker

In the Cloud or On-Premises, our solution can be deployed to Docker-compatible platforms, including Kubernetes. It is tested and documented on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Powered by OpenID Connect

Compatible with most OIDC providers, including Auth0, AWS Cognito, Azure AD and Keycloak, QuickCase can leverage existing identity providers and Single Sign-On capability.

Rest APIs and webhooks

QuickCase can be easily extended or integrated with 3rd-party solution via documented Rest APIs and webhooks.