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Staff certification tracking

Categories: HR, Legacy replacement, Multitenancy


Certification tracking is a mean for a business to monitor and report on training and qualification of individual members of staff. Such capability is prominent in industries with strong regulations and standard compliance policies where staff is required to go through regular training.

A long-standing QuickCase client, with an existing self-hosted instance, was in need of a fast replacement for their legacy system tracking staff training and skills.


National collaboration

The client needed the solution to track staff certification at a national scale, with members of staff spread out across the country and under the supervision of regional HR units.

Digital estate consolidation

To reduce operating and maintenance costs, the client was eager to build on their existing IT assets rather than increase their digital footprint. They also required a solution to be delivered under constrained time frames to ensure adequate migration and avoid impact to the business.

Personnel details

As the solution is required to stored details and qualifications of active personnel, it must meet high standards of security and fine-grained access control so that access to personnel details can be adequately restricted.


Being an existing QuickCase customer, the client knew how quickly a new case type around the requirements could be configured. It took around an hour to get a first configuration up and running, followed by a workshop the following day to refine the data model, user screens and actions, as well as fine-grained access control policies.

Leveraging the client's existing self-hosted instance and QuickCase's multitenancy feature, the new certification tracking capability could be deployed without any change to the client's IT infrastructure.

Within a few days, the staff certification tracker was ready and approved for use.


The workflow used was centred around whether personnel was currently active or inactive with the ability to update details and certifications for active personnel.

Access control

A dual model was established with a central body having organisation-wide access (ability to see all personnel) and regional units having their access limited to staff of their own region.


The solution was used to track a small number of staff (~500). This volume was easily supported in the multi-tenant environment, cohabiting with previously deployed capabilities.


A simple replacement solution, delivered in a matter of days, without increasing operating costs and allowing for a swift transition from the legacy platform.


The certification tracking solution was then integrated with other areas of the clients digital estate via QuickCase's standard APIs, allowing the business to further the functionality their digital systems delivered.